Staff shortages?

Let technology help!

Adding a self-service section to your restaurant can alleviate staff shortages.

Compare adding a new system to work alongside your current ordering system and replacing everything below.

Choose between adding on to your current system or replacing it entirely.



  • Cheaper
  • Quicker implementation
  • Little to no employee training
  • Works alongside your current systems


  • Inconsistent ordering systems
  • Potential confusion of order destinations


  • More efficient overall
  • Consistent order management
  • Choose digital or paper tickets


  • Higher cost
  • Longer implementation
  • More employee training

Key Features

Fewer Staff Required

Decrease your need for wait staff by letting customers order and pay on their phone. 

Keep Your Menu

We copy your current menu with all the options into your online one, so customers have the same choices they're used to.

Flexible Dining

Give your customers a whole new dining option. They can choose to wait for traditional table service or order immediately in the self-service section.

Don't Lose to Wait Times

If customers don't want to wait for traditional table service, let them be seated quicker in the self-service section!


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