Virtual CTO

You need a Virtual CTO that works for you!

Not every company (or person!) can afford an in-house IT team, that's why we offer Virtual CTO services, for those tech problems that inevitably come up. 


Get the advantages of a full IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Predictable Costs

We charge a simple monthly fee per employee. This can vary depending on the complexity of your systems. For individuals we charge hourly. 

Vast Expertise

We've dealt with all kinds of technology for all kinds of businesses and people, so we have no problem jumping into new systems. 

Time Saving

Your time is valuable, don't waste it getting stuck on a technology problem. 

Seamless Support

Sometimes there's a problem between apps that neither company will fix. Since we work for you and not a specific vendor, we have no trouble fixing such issues.

On-site Service*

When remote support isn't enough or you need us to setup physical systems. For a small service fee, we come to you. 

* Only available near agents location

Many Contact Options

You can call, email, text, start a chat, or submit a ticket. No matter how you contact us, you get the same great support. 


Here's a few specific things we can help with. 

General Computer/Phone/ IssuesOffice Applications
Password Management
Custom Email
Office ApplicationsPassword Management
Live Chat Online MeetingsE-signatures
 Online PaymentsProject ManagementTeam Communication
Appointment BookingCloud StorageDistance Learning
 Support Ticket SystemProcess AutomationDelivery Solutions
 Forms and SurveysRemote SupportEvent Management
E-commerceOnline Order Management 
Business Cards

Looking for something different or a custom solution?